Learn How to Build Your Family Tree Online in 15 Minutes!

You could be working on your family history chart in minutes – really!  Don’t waste another unproductive moment!  If you’ve been putting off building your family tree because you didn’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing expensive, hard-to-use software, then there’s good news for you!  Stop waiting!Fifteen minutes from now you could be looking at a completed family tree of your immediate family.  What are you waiting for? Let’s get started now!It seems that almost overnight the Internet has dramatically changed the way people live and work – and how they design and share family tree diagrams. It doesn’t matter if you are a genealogy novice or an experienced veteran – no matter your level of experience – you should consider creating and sharing your family tree online.A truckload of free websites are out there on the Internet with the primary purpose of helping people build their family history charts – and it seems like new ones keep popping up on the Internet every month or two.  Basically each and every one of these sites all perform the same primary functions, with only slightly minor differences between them.Here is a list of the features you can expect to find on a free family tree website:
easy to get started
no software to install (but an Internet connection is required!)
free to use
user-friendly interface (for the non-geek person!)
share your family tree with others easily
online collaboration (work with others online)
control access to your site
Here is a list of websites I have used (this is not an exhaustive list – there are more sites out there on the Internet!):
These sites are great, free, easy applications designed to help you and your family create a good-looking family history diagram in a very short time. I prefer Geni.com because I’m a Facebook user and Geni.com will integrate with Facebook very easily. The other sites do not have the Facebook feature.[Note: You really should join Facebook as a tool for helping you with genealogy research. Watch for an article about using Facebook from me.]Are you prepared to begin? First, you must have an email account prior to registering on any of these free genealogy sites. If you don’t have an email account, then you should get one for free from Gmail.com or Yahoo.com or Live.com.Next, visit any of the websites listed, register and create a free account. Some sites will let you start immediately creating your family tree diagram. Other sites will require you to confirm your account through your email address before you can begin. If that’s the case for you, simply go to your email account and look for the confirmation email. Follow the steps in the confirmation email.Finally you can start to create your family tree diagram! Most of these sites will start with you as the center focal point of the family tree. As you input the names of others in your tree it will quickly grow until it is quite impressive. The faster and the more information you enter, the bigger and faster your tree grows.It won’t be long until you have a diagram to be proud of and share with your family and friends.  And this is where the real power of the Internet kicks in and multiplies your efforts!  After you have a basic foundation of a family tree, you should invite family and friends to help you build the tree further.  They can join online and add more names to the tree, which cuts down on your work and research time!Adding names to your tree is so simple, that even a child could do it. There are arrows pointing in each direction around each name on your tree. Click on an arrow and enter the information for that person. The “up” arrow is for parents. The “left and right” arrows are for spouses or “partners”. The “down” arrow is for children. Most of the sites also allow you to include a picture of each person in your tree as well as indicating if they are living or deceased, married or divorced.The Internet has surely changed the way genealogists and family history enthusiasts gather information. Now it can help you build a family tree online – for free! If that doesn’t motivate you to get started – I don’t know what will! Start right now and you could have a complete family tree in just a few minutes!

Some Examples of Family Trees

Maybe your heart is into creating a family tree but, the task might be overwhelming for you. Perhaps the family trees you have looked at in the past are so complicated you haven’t even been able to follow them. If you stick to a template, creating a family tree is simple.There is a lot more to genealogy then just finding out who your ancestors are, you must then get them into a logical order to have the whole thing make sense. Using a sample family tree as a model is a good idea. If you do a little research you will find internet sites that will give you options and ideas to personalized your own tree once you have obtained the information. This will illustrate where to place individuals’ names and how to arrange your ancestry line as far back as you can trace.Additionally, genealogy can be researched and prepared by professionals. Several sites are available where you can give them your photos or the names of the people you would like on your family tree and they will charge a fee to create it for you. This is a nice idea for a gift for someone for if you would like to display your family tree in your home. But, having someone else creates this masterpiece for you take the fun out of it. Part of the fun is filling out the names and dates yourself or with your family. genealogy templates are available online and will simplify the process of organizing your family information. It is real smooth to material out one of these charts with all of your own accumulation.You can find this site obituarieshelp.org/genealogy_forms_downloads with plenty of forms which you can freely download. You can obtain a printable family tree chart at no cost here. There are places to put your relatives names, birthdays, spouses, and date of death. You can make your family data very compact and tidy with this chart which is very user friendly.Everybodies genealogy is different, we find others are more decorative. thetreeconstruction.com/samples/family-tree-example This site offers family trees that you can buy and fill out on you own. On net we can get a better and fancier style of making family tree rather than make on you own. You will find many different variances between the sites on how the charts are laid out and you can pick the one that works best for your situation.genealogy.about.com/od/free_charts/ig/genealogy_charts/family_tree.htm This site is an additional great source for charts for your family tree. Family tree is about creating a graph of from were you originate and following the link and making a tree.com: Genealogy information at your fingertips. They give/offer three different designs for you, and you have to choose from it. For those who don’t have the best handwriting, these charts are an excellent alternative for recording information. You are able to download the chart from this site and fill it out on your computer. After that all you have to do is press print. There is no charge for this site.Here is a site that also offers a wide variety of charts for you to record your family tree and any other important work sheets that you might need to research your family tree. familytreemagazine.com/freeforms This magazine about family trees has a great deal of valuable research information and tips. Bring your family together to create your family tree as a group activity. An excellent teaching tool for children to learn about their heritage.